Report of SB Meeting – 31st August 2013


In attendance: DSD, Kathryn, Paul, Teresa, Mel, David, Angela, Becky, Mark and new member Kevin from Huddersfield.

Tim, Nat, John, Trevor and Matthew were all sorely missed!

Despite deciding on a theme of the Illustrious Client, we all got rather distracted by the scintillating conversation and so the only official activity we got round to doing was Becky’s 20 question quiz on ILLU. The questions are here for your perusal. If you think you can do better than the SB crew, send your answers in by e-mail – and no cheating!

1. Who did the illustrations?

2. How many times in how many years did Watson ask Holmes for his permission to reveal the details of the case?

3. Where abouts was the Turkish Bath they were both attending when the case begins?

4. What date does the case begin?

5. What club was Sir James Damery a member of?

6. When informing Watson of Damery’s reputation for “arranging delicate matters”, he says, “you may remember the negotations with …. over the …. case”. Fill in the blanks.

7. What was Watson’s address at the time of the case?

8. What colour spats was Sir James wearing when on his first meeting at Baker Street?

9. Where did Violet de Merville first meet Baron Gruner?

10. What is the private number James gives Holmes?

11. Name three of Baron Gruner’s hobbies.

12. What is the name of Holmes’ criminal contact who passes him information?

13. What is the Baron’s first name?

14. What was the name of the French agent who had been investigating Gruner previously and come to a nasty end?

15. What was his nasty end?

16. Where did the murderous attack on Sherlock Holmes take place?

17. And where was Watson when he first learned of it?

18. What does Watson offer to do in response to the attack?

19. What’s the name of the famous doctor and surgeon who tends to Holmes?

20. What is the fake name and address Watson is given when he goes to sell pottery to Baron Gruner?

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