Quiz – 30th May 2015


In Canon

1. What colour eyes did Holmes have?
A) Blue
B) Grey
C) Green

2. Holmes is a great lover of classical music, but which composer’s work was he looking forward to hearing in The Red Circle?
A) Bach
B) Vivaldi
C) Wagner

3. Where does Holmes keep his cigars?
A) In the coal scuttle
B) In the Persian slipper
C) In the drawer of his desk

4. Holmes is often depicted as wearing a deerstalker, but which is the only story where he is wearing something of the sort?
A) The Devil’s Foot
B) Silver Blaze
C) The Reigate Squire

5. Holmes, despite not being overtly muscular, is very strong. In which case does he bend a poker with his bare hands?
A) The Speckled Band
B) The Illustrious Client
C) The Yellow Face

6. According to Watson, what was Holmes’ knowledge of sensational literature like?
A) Profound
B) Immense
C) Practical

7. Who was the illustrator of the Valley of Fear, the Retired Colourman, the Veiled Lodger and Shoscombe Old Place?
A) Frank Wiles
B) Howard Elcock
C) Alfred Gilbert

8. Name three of Holmes’ monographs or books.

In Film

9. In Without A Clue, what was Holmes’ real name?
A) Ronald Kincane
B) Reginald Kincaid
C) Rowland Kincone

10. And what was the name of the play he starred in before he was given the job of playing Holmes?
A) Shadow Of Fear
B) Shadow Of Doubt
C) Shadow Of Death

11. Name three Sherlock Holmes movies that involve cross dressing:

12. In the one with the dinosaurs and cybermen, who played Holmes?
A) Gareth David-Lloyd
B) Ben Syder
C) Dominic Keating

13. There was apparently a 30 second long film clip made by Nickolodeon in 1900 where someone was playing Sherlock Holmes, but nobody knows his name. So, who is the first known actor to have played Holmes on screen? As in, the first actor of whom we know their name.
A) Eille Norwood
B) William Gillette
C) Karoly Baumann

14. Holmes is often depicted as wearing or possessing a scarf, but in which film does he rather epically strangle a criminal with it?
A) Murder By Decree
B) The Seven Per Cent Solution
C) Game Of Shadows

15. In the Guy Ritchie adaptations, Holmes is depicted as something of an action hero, but what competitive fighting sport do we witness him taking part in, in the beginning half of the first movie?
A) Single stick
B) Bare knuckle boxing
C) Wrestling

16. Who provides the voice of Basil, the Great Mouse Detective?
A) Val Bettin
B) Vincent Price
C) Barrie Ingham


17. In The Reichenbach Fall, there’s a scene where Moriarty is coming up the stairs to 221B Baker Street and Sherlock is upstairs in the flat playing the violin. Moriarty touches a creaking step, Sherlock hears him, stops playing, then carries on playing again and Moriarty carries on walking. It’s an excellent scene. It’s also nicked entirely from a Sherlock Holmes movie from the Basil Rathbone series. Which one?
A) Woman In Green
B) The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
C) Sherlock Holmes & The Secret Weapon

Bonus Question: Can you name what piece of music Sherlock is playing on the violin during this scene? (Sonata No 1 by Bach)

18. Who makes Sherlock Holmes’ suits?
A) Dolce & Gabanna
B) Paul Smith
C) Spencer Hart

19. What martial art is Sherlock an expert in?
A) Judo
B) Karate
C) Tae Kwon Do

20. Sherlock is incredibly popular in China, where the two characters have been given special nicknames. John is known as Peanut, but what is Sherlock known as?
A) Pancake
B) Curly Fu
C) Cheekbones

21. How many different colours of dressing gown do we see Sherlock wear throughout the series?
A) Two
B) Three
C) Four

Bonus Question: Can you give the colours of aforementioned dressing gowns?

22. In Elementary, where abouts does Holmes now live instead of London?
A) Los Angeles
B) New York
C) Chicago

23. In the Granada Series, Holmes has a picture of the Reichenbach Falls above his mantelpiece. What is the name of the picture?
A) Lower Cascade of the Reichenbach
B) Falls of the Reichenbach
C) Upper Cascade of the Reichenbach

Bonus Question: What is the name of the artist: (Canton Bern)

24. Where does Holmes get Watson’s Christmas present from in the Cardboard Box?
A) Harrods
B) Gamages
C) Bainbridge’s

25. In the computer game, Testament Of Sherlock Holmes – part of the Frogwares series of Holmes games – who provides the voice of Sherlock Holmes?
A) Kerry Shale
B) David Riley
C) Nick Brimble

In what Granada episode does Watson randomly wear a fez for no apparent reason?
A) The Empty House
B) The Dancing Men
C) The Red Circle

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