Answers – 21st Feb 2015

1) Dr Watson’s christian name is mentioned 4 times in the canon,
but what is different about the reference made in The Man With
The Twisted Lip?
His wife calls him James. The others all refer to his christian
name as being John.

2) In A Study In Scarlet Watson compiles a list as he learns more
about the enigma that is Sherlock Holmes, his flatmate. What
adjective does he use to describe Holmes’ knowledge of politics?

3) Name one of the 4 cases not narrated in the first person by
Watson. (Bonus point if you can name all 4).
Mazarin Stone
Lions Mane
Blanched Soldier
His Last Bow

4) What was Conan Doyle’s original name for Dr Watson?
Ormond Sacker

5) Name the 2 cases where it is insinuated that Watson may have a
gambling problem? (1 point for each).
The Dancing Men – cheque booked locked in drawer
Shoscombe Old Place – knowledge of The Turf

6) Watson was invalided out of the army. Where, anatomically not
geographically, was he wounded by the jezail bullet?
Shoulder (subclacian artery)

7) In The Three Garridebs Watson is wounded in the line of duty.
What is the REAL name of the man who shot him i.e. NOT the alias
by which he more infamously known?
James Winter ‘Killer Evans’

8) What sporting connection with Watson does Robert Ferguson give
by way of introduction in The Sussex Vampire? (Bonus point if you
can also name Ferguson’s team and position).
Played rugby for Blackheath
Fergison was a three-quarter for Richmond

9) Watson was quite the sportsman in his time. What other sport
can we deduce he plays from a reference in the Charles Augustus
Milverton case?
Tennis. Rubber soled tennis shoes.

10) Holmes is able to deduce much about Watson’s family history
from the examination of which personal item?
silver pocket watch.

11) In which case does Watson meet his first wife and what is her
Mary Morstan, The Sign Of Four.

12) This young lady makes quite an impression on Watson upon
their first meeting. Name a physical characteristic from Watson’s
eloquent description. (Bonus point for identifying an item of her
clothing that is also detailed in the text).
Blonde, small, dainty, blue eyes
plain untrimmed grey dress, a turban with a white feather.

13) In which of the novels does Holmes appear to hand over the
bulk of the investigation over to Watson?
Hound Of The Baskervilles ( Watson in charge from chapter 6-13 out
of a total of 15).

14) In which case do we get a description of Watson as a wanted
criminal? (Bonus point for naming any of the features in the
description given by the police).
Charles Augustus Milverton.
middle sized, strongly built, square jawed, thick neck, moustache

15) Watson is always willing to put himself forward in the line
of duty. In which case does Holmes come close to killing him in
the name of scientific research?
The Devils Foot ( burning the poisonous powder in an enclosed

16) How many times in the canon does Watson ejaculate?
11 out of 23

17) What is Watson’s alias in The Illustrious Client? (Bonus for
also naming the dummy address used).
Dr Hill Barton
369 Half Moon Street

18) What is the nickname of Watson’s childhood friend from school,
in The Naval Treaty? (Bonus point for being able to state the
precise nature of their ‘intimate acquaintance’).
Percy ‘Tadpole’ Phelps
‘chevyed around the playground and hit over the back of the legs
with a wicket).

19) Watson is often requested to bring his trusty service revolver
with him on a case. How many times is it used?
4 Sign Of Four -
Shot at Tonga
Hound Of The Baskervilles – shot the hound
Copper Beeches – Shot the mastiff
Thor Bridge – used to recreate the crime scene

20) Where did Watson study medicine and what year did he
University London, St Barts 1878.

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