Quiz Answers – November 2013 (Christmas meeting)

1) What date is it?
(Not year)
A: 27th Dec

2) What was the weather like?
A: Cold, high
pressure, frosty ‘windows thick with ice crystals’

3) Which dressing down is
Holmes wearing?
A: purple

4) Which 3 other cases are referred to?
Scandal In Bohemia (Irene Adler), (Mary Sutherland), Twisted Lip

5) What is
the PRECISE location of the hat incident?
A: Tottenham Court Road, Goodge
Street corner

6) Which leg was the card tied to the goose?
A: Left

List 3 of the hat’s distinctive features;
A: Expensive, 3yrs old, red silk
lining, pierced for a hat securer, elastic missing, patches smeared with ink,
traces of lime cream, 5 tallow stains, cracked in several places

8) Who is
the owner of the stone?
A: Countess of Morcar

9) What is the reward for its
A) £1000

10) What is the location of the crime?

11) What is the PRECISE task the plumber John Horner was asked
to perform?
A: solder the 2nd bar of the grate

12) What is the name, rank
and branch of the investigating officer?
A: Inspector Bradstreet of B

13) Name 3 of the newspapers mentioned that the advertisement was
placed in;
A: Globe, Star, Pall Mall, St James, Evening News, Standard,

14) Name 3 trivia facts about the missing stone;
40 grain/carat stone,
less than 20yrs old, unique blue colour, found on bank of Amoy River, 2 murders,
vitriol throwing, suicide

15) What style is Henry Baker’s alternative
A: Scotch bonnet

16) What is the given location of the Alpha Inn?
Holborn, Bloomsbury, near the ‘museum’

17) Can you name the PRECISE route
taken from Baker St to the Alpha Inn?
A: Wimpole St, Harley St, Wigmore St,
Oxford St, Holborn

18) And from The Alpha Inn to Breckinridge’s
Holborn, Endell St, ‘zig zag of slums’, Covent Garden Market

19) What
is Mrs Oakshott’s address?
A: 117 Brixton Road

20) How much does Holmes
wager on the goose being town or country bred?
A: £5

21) How many geese were
in the flock?
A: 26

22) How did Ryder pick his bird?
A: bar on its

23) Why was this a flawed choice of identification?
A: 2 identical
birds with barred tails in flock

24) Who did Ryder intend to fence the jewel
A: Maudsley

25) What time was dinner and what was on the menu?
at 7

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