Answers – 28th July 2012 Quiz

1. King Of Bohemia or Willhelm Gottseich Sigismond von Ormstein

2. Charles Augustus Milverton

3. Colonel Sebastian Moran

4. Professor James Moriarty

5. Dr Grimesby Roylott

6. Jack Stapleton

7. Mary Morstan

8. Sherlock Holmes

9. Stradivarius

10. Patrick Gowers. Jeremy’s violin pieces were played by his daughter.

11. The Red Headed League

12. David Arnold. James Bond

13. Violet Smith. The Solitary Cyclist

14. Second Stain

15. Black Peter

16. Solitary Cyclist

17. Charles Augustus Milverton

18. A Study In Scarlet

19. Blue Carbuncle

20. Noble Bachelor

21. Speckled Band

22. Silver Blaze

23. Crooked Man

24. Silver Blaze

25. Engineer’s Thumb

26. Final Problem

27. Study In Scarlet

28. Sussex Vampire

29. Abbey Grange

30. Scandal In Bohemia

31. The Speckled Band


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